Forever In Her Debt

My first time was with my sister's friend. I was nineteen and in a Junior College near where we lived. I had been talking to my sister, who is about two years older, and the talk led to sex. I told her I was a virgin and could not seem to find anyone willing to help me experience life. My sister told me she thought she could help me out by setting me up with her friend. When the night of our date came, my sis told me to take her out to dinner and talk with her. Sis also told me not to rush things or get grabby. Sis was right. I took her friend out to dinner, and then she wanted to drive in the foot hills near town. We got to a spot alone where she asked me to stop. We walked up the rise where we could look out over the town. We sat down and talked some more. Before I knew it, we were kissing. Things progressed from there, and she walked me through it. I was no longer a virgin. Later, I saw the girl a couple of times, and each time we ended up in each other's arms. What a pleasant summer it was. My sister later told me that she had asked her friend to do me as a favor. How does a person ever pay back a sister like mine for the help?

— Lyle, 27

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