Hopelessly Devoted To Her

It was about twenty-nine years ago. Her name was Jesse. We only went out a few times, but we spent almost all the time kissing. I actually had fallen for her when she told me we had to talk. She said she had been talking to her old boyfriend, and they were going to get back together. I felt a rock just sink in my stomach, but I was young, and she was only the second or third girl that I had taken out on a date. I really think she was as hot for me as I was for her, but she wanted more than just kissing, and I was too young and dumb to know it. I can only hope that she may read this as she now lives in another state. I still think about her every day and, when I go to bed at night, she's there. I should have tried to keep a hold on her, but I let it go. I would see her later on, and she always was looking at me with more than just a look of seeing who it was. She looked as though she still cared. I can only hope that someday she might read this, and she would at least know that I did love her, and still do!

— Jamal, 47

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