Filthy Act

I had just started a new job--we are talking a complete career move. I borrowed my sister's SUV to move some of my things into a condo I had bought. On the way down, I stopped at a bar and met a terrific woman. We had a few drinks, and she told me that she lived just a few minutes down the freeway. When she asked if I could take her home (sort of like a date), I obliged. On the freeway, she reached over and started to unzip my pants. I let her, of course! As she was pleasuring me, I couldn't help but notice a van that was following right beside us--voyeurs in action, I thought. As it turned out, the van's driver was a law-enforcement official. He must have run the plate, because my sister got a letter in the mail from a guy telling her how disgusting it was that he had had to drive his children to a school function and witness such a filthy act. My sister was totally confused, and I had to confess to her what had happened. She has never let me borrow her SUV again

— Anthony, 44

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