Lesson Learned

In my last year of college, I had some fun dating a couple of girls at the same time. My mistake was not telling either of them I was dating someone else, so they both assumed they were the only one. One night, after a nice date to a movie where Julie and I had made out hot and heavy, she invited me in to her on-campus apartment. She told me she had a roommate, but not to worry about it. So, in we went and before long we were naked on the couch and enjoying our first sexual experience with each other. As I was making love to her, I heard some noises and assumed it was the roommate. Julie whispered, "Don't stop," so I didn't. As things heated up, Julie suddenly cried out, "Oh, Seth!" Just then, the light snapped on and I heard a familiar voice say, "Seth? MY Seth??" Yes, it was Maggie, the other girl I had been dating. Just my luck they were roommates. I had no idea! Julie looked at me, and then looked at Maggie. "Your Seth?" she asked. I was frozen, not sure what I should do. Maggie said, "Yes, MY Seth. What are you doing with him?" Julie pushed me off her, grabbed her shirt to cover herself, and said, "Not finishing this, that's for sure!" The two of them then forced me out the door without my clothes and still in the throws of passion. They threw my clothes out the window and I had to pull them on in the middle of the campus. Thankfully, it was dark and there weren't too many people around. Maggie and Julie never spoke to me again, and I learned my lesson to tell the truth to those you date!

— Seth, 24

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