Online Dating Deceit

Being single and meeting people online has been interesting. The worst was this lady that said she wanted to learn how to dance, swing dance. She did warn me that she was a couple of pounds overweight. I had seen a picture of her face, but when she showed up, oh, my gosh! I mean, at my age and the age of the women that I would take out, I do not put them down for a few pounds. This gal was way beyond that. Her waist was like sixty to seventy inches or more. Still, she had skinny legs and skinny arms, but that belly of hers; we are not talking nine months with child. We are talking fifteen months with triplets! It was that bad. Needless to say, I was not prepared for what I saw, and she took offense at my reaction. But what is she to expect when she is a hundred to a hundred and fifty pounds overweight and passing herself off as only a few pounds?

— Nicolas, 48

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