Secret Identity

I guess you could say I have always had a thing for blondes. I even broke up with a girl when she had her hair colored a dark brown. I know it may sound odd, but that is just my taste in women. One day last week I ran into an old high-school friend at the park. She was walking her German shepherd, and I was out for a jog. I had not seen her in years and thought it might be nice to get together and catch up on old times. (She, of course, was a blonde.) She agreed, and I picked her up at her apartment for lunch on a very windy day. She was wearing a cute little sundress and looked great. We went to a little cafe near the edge of town, and after lunch, I suggested that we go to the park for a walk. She agreed, and while we were walking casually along, a huge gust of wind came by and blew her blond hair goodbye. She was wearing a wig! I was shocked, and she was so mortified that she simply ran off, chasing after the wig. I slowly returned to the car and got out of there. I felt bad for leaving, but I don't dig girls who wear wigs.

— Jimmy, 25

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