Follow Her Rules

I have always loved women with large breasts, and about six months ago, I was introduced to Melissa. Besides being smart, slim, and pretty, Melissa also is endowed with a very large chest. I asked her out immediately and was pleasantly surprised when she accepted. She did have one disappointing condition. She said guys constantly asked her out because of her large breasts, so she set forth a plan that she only dated guys that would agree to a two-month period where there would be no physical contact. Melissa said that way she avoided guys that only went out with her because of her chest size. I found her so interesting otherwise, so I agreed. I wasn't prepared, though, for our first date. When I picked her up, she was wearing a tight, v-neck shirt that displayed an ample amount of cleavage. I couldn't take my eyes off her, and I also noticed not only guys would stare but women as well! Each date would end with a quick kiss and me going home to please myself. It was torture, but the good news was that I was really connecting with her on every level. I reminded her of our upcoming two-month anniversary date, and she just smiled. She looked amazing! She had on a push-up bra and a button down shirt, and man they were bursting out. I managed to make it through dinner, and then I asked her back to my place. I couldn't get enough of her. Two weeks later, I asked her to marry me.

— Ethan, 32

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