Staying Single For Now

I went out with a woman from another country last year. She spoke English well, and I liked her, so it never really came up. She kept trying to move things along too fast for me, and I would tell her I wasn't ready to commit to her. I had just been through a bad divorce and really just wanted some fun, not something serious. She kept pushing to have sex. I'm a normal male, so eventually we did. After that, she kept telling me sex meant commitment in her country, and she was so happy. Before I knew it, she was talking wedding plans. I stopped her and told her sex was good, but here we do that without getting married, and I didn't want to get married. She finally broke down and told me she was being deported unless she married someone from here. I did feel bad for her, but to me marriage is something you don't take lightly, and I just couldn't do it. I did hear she found some willing guy before she was deported, and I wish them luck. I like just being single for now.

— Joseph, 26

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