Pre-Wedding Day Woes

I was dating this girl for a long time, and we were very serious. I finally proposed, and she accepted. The next week, we saw our dream house and decided to buy it in preparation for our married life together. I made a lot more money than she did, so I put the down payment on it, but the mortgage and all the papers were in both our names. We moved in and were very happy for the first few months. Around three months later, and two months prior to our wedding day, she came home with another man who she introduced as "her boyfriend." She explained to me that she had decided she wanted an "open" marriage where she could sleep with anyone she wanted to. Naturally, we broke up after that, and all I wanted to do was sell the house and get my money back. Surprise … everything was in both our names. She hired a lawyer, and I had to give her half the value of the sale, even though she never put a dime into it. I hate to think what more she would have done to me if we had actually gotten married!

— David, 34

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