Boy Meets Girl And Girl

Okay, so here it is. Boy meets girl, and they fall madly in love. Later on, girl wants to bring another girl into the relationship, and boy agrees. What boy wouldn't? It's an ego thing, right? Boy, girl and other girl get down and dirty with one another multiple times. However, as time passes and the threesome fun is now mundane, girl and other girl start getting more and more serious, and boy gets left out! Eventually, boy is sent packing! Much, much later, girl comes back into boy's life because girl and other girl broke up. Girl realizes that she was wrong to choose other girl over first love, which is boy. Now, boy and girl are reunited, and it seems that the universe is once again harmonious. However, boy has changed and so has girl. So, they break up. I miss girl and other girl truly. I now see everything with a different set of eyes!

— Julio, 38

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