Cut the Cord

They always say that blind dates are an awful experience and one should not encounter too many of them. I can attest to the accuracy of this bit of wisdom because I have had no luck with blind dates myself. I am 44 years old and, I think, a pretty nice-looking guy. I live at home with my parents, however, because I do not see the point of buying a house before I find the right girl to settle down with. Unfortunately, this does not go over very well with the ladies. The dates that I go on are great until I inform them that I still reside with my parents. One time, though, I thought I had a winner. I had been dating this girl, Leslie, for about 3 months, and I really thought things were going well enough for me to explain my living situation. I explained everything to her, and she seemed OK with it all. My parents loved her and invited her over for a barbecue on a Saturday evening. Needless to say, we got really drunk and decided it would be best if she just stayed overnight. My parents were having a fit, though, because she was going to stay with me in my room. A huge brawl broke out, and she walked home, preaching to me to get a life and move out of my mommy and daddy's house.

— Kevin, 44

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