Rude Attitude

My sister set me up on a blind date with the friend of a friend. When I met Geraldine, she was attractive with a great smile. I thought we would have a great time. We first went to a restaurant where she told me how to cook each item on the menu correctly and what ingredients should be in each. Then, she had to critique both our meals, which meant she ate half of mine! After that, we went to a movie and she talked throughout about production values and the crummy editing job she felt they did. She complained (loudly) about the inadequate popcorn taste, a napkin that was not folded completely, and not enough ice in her drink. The whole night was spent with me trying to apologize to everyone she managed to malign with her comments. Finally, she asked me to rate our date honestly. I told her she scored off the scales on rudeness and bad attitude and I'd be shocked if she ever had a relationship. Oddly, she took this all in stride and wasn't upset in the least. For my part, I'm really glad I only had to endure one date with her!

— Tyler, 22

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