Missing Parts

I was in a long term gay relationship. When that broke up, I was devastated and did not go back to dating for two years. Then, I met Richard and felt that old familiar feeling of instant connection. We dated for several months and things were going great. We had both been in prior relationships that had ended badly, so we took things very slow. But, it came to "that night" where we both wanted to get more intimate. As things progressed, I noticed something was not right. It was dark in the room, but I still could tell something was missing. Finally, I asked about it and he told me he was really a woman! What a shock! Well, that night ended up being a long talk and I thought things over for a week before deciding I liked Richard for being Richard; male or female didn't really matter. To make a long story short, that was ten years ago and we're still together. He prefers living as a male, so we live as a gay couple. But privately, we have a lot of fun playing all kinds of different roles!

— Ronnie, 46

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