The Sister

My cousin really wanted to go out with this girl Sara. I had met her a few times and she was pretty hot. She refused to go out with him without her sister though, so he begged me to come along as the sister's date. I figured the sister had to look kind of close to Sara, so why not. Was I wrong. I met Darlene when we got to the restaurant. She was at least three hundred pounds and very loud. So loud, she was obnoxious. She dominated the conversation and wouldn't let the rest of us talk hardly at all. As she ate and talked, she spit out food. She spilled her drink not once, but four times. Besides her behavior, she was wearing an old, stained t-shirt that was too tight and what looked like pajama pants. I was horrified by her! At the end of our meal, I told my cousin I had to work and he nodded miserably. I found out later he got stuck with Darlene and Sara at his apartment for hours. Darlene wouldn't let them even kiss, and then she tried to get my cousin to sleep with her instead of Sara. He finally threw both of them out and never went near either one again.

— Adam, 25

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