Lying Dates

What is it with women lying about themselves to get a date? I have been on three dates in a row that I met online, and every one of them lied. One said she was a hundred and twenty pounds. I met her and discovered that was just the left side of her body. Two hundred and forty was much closer to the truth. The next one said she was single with no kids. After four dates, she admitted to being a divorced mother of two. The last one took the cake though. I spoke to her online and over the phone and she said she was twenty-six. I told her of the previous lies and begged her not to do the same and she promised she wouldn't. Well, I met her and she was fifty-two in reality! Her excuse? She liked younger guys. Ladies, don't lie. If someone doesn't like you for who you are, it's not going to work. Think!

— Matt, 31

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