It's Not Over Until It's Over

I went out with this girl that my friend set me up with. She was okay looking, but he had warned me she had just broken up with a dude she was pretty tight with. I took her to a nice place and everything was going fine until her ex showed up. He told me she had invited him in a text message and she told me that was true. She made him sit down at the table with us, and then she looked at me and said, "Tell him what a great person I am!" I wasn't really sure what was going on, so I asked her to explain. She said, "Tell him what a great date I am, how much you like me, and how he's a fool to be letting me go!" I looked at him and he shrugged and said, "Now you know why she's my ex." He got up and left, and then I told her she needed to get over him before dating anymore. I took her home and never called her again. Never date someone on the rebound!

— Craig, 26

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