Not The Only One

A woman friend at work was having her sister move in with her. I told her I would be happy to show her sister the sights of the city as she came from a town way up north in Canada and had never really been to anything as big as we were used to. What a disaster it was, though. First, she wore overalls that had big holes and stains. She looked really horrible in them. I tried to tell myself that maybe she just didn't have the money for anything else and went on with the date. She asked me a thousand questions and somewhere in the middle of them all, I realized she wasn't very smart. I think it was when she asked me how they got the little lights up on top of the tall buildings and I realized she meant the windows on the upper floors. She had deplorable personal habits as well like picking her teeth and nose, farting and then laughing, and spitting out food when she talked. Her sister was nothing like this and I couldn't believe it was all from the hometown. I took her back early saying I had a headache. The next day, I told her sister she was a bit intense for me. Her sister laughed and said most people reacted that way. I guess I wasn't the only one!

— Gary, 47

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