She was my high school sweetheart, but we lost touch long ago. I got married, had kids, and lived a happy life. Still, I thought of Marian from time to time and wondered how things had worked out for her. As life goes, my wife passed away and I became a widow. The kids were grown, so I found myself alone. I began to think about Marian more and more, so I decided to find her and reconnect. I called some old friends and eventually, I did locate her. I went to see her and she was surprised, but happy. As we talked, I felt very close to her and found myself wanting to have a relationship with her once again. She still was that special someone I knew so many years ago. She had been divorced nineteen years before, so she also was available. Then, it happened. The doorbell rang and in came twelve kids! Apparently, they were all her grandchildren and she watched them every day. These kids were rude and obnoxious. I began to try to discipline them, but Marian jumped down my throat and told me I was to let them do whatever they wanted at her house. I looked around at kids jumping on the couch, throwing food at each other, running and knocking things over, and screaming at the top of their voices. I told her it had been great to see her again, but I really had to go. Living alone is not so bad, after all!

— Dale, 67

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