Tourette's Trouble

I once went out with a girl I met on the internet. She was really attractive and I thought, "Well, why hasn't anyone snapped you up?" It was then that I realized what the problem was, she had Tourette's syndrome. A women walked in to the restaurant and she said, "You are a big fat cow," straight to her face; then another women came in and she called this one a "whore" to her face. The woman started crying and two guys came over and told me to tell her to shut up. I said, "Whoa, I have only just met this person, I didn't know she was like this." So I got up, picked up my coat, paid the bill, and walked outside. She chased after me and said she had this syndrome and couldn't help herself. She insulted women because of it. I felt sorry for her and thought, "Well, everyone deserves a second chance," so I agreed to go on a second date. This time, we went where there weren't many women; we went to a local park and fed the ducks. Everything went fine until two women police officers came by and she shouted out, "Pigs," to them. I thought, "Hmm, we are going to get thrown in jail here." I told the officers she had Tourette's; they checked her out and were very understanding, but said she really should go home. I felt really uncomfortable in her presence; she couldn't go to anywhere public in case she insulted women. We still keep in touch, but only via the computer.

— Marco, 24

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