Not Into The Scene

I met her when I went out to eat at a local diner. She was my waitress and I fell for her right away. After flirting through the whole meal, I finally asked her what time she got off. She told me ten and that she was heading to a club. Then she asked if I wanted to come with. Of course, I said yes. I met her outside the diner at ten, but I didn't even recognize her at first. She had changed into a skin-tight leather outfit with a short, short skirt. Chains and earrings hung off her body in every place I looked. But the worst was her hair. It was suddenly spiked straight up and rainbow colors. Instead of a hot waitress, this had turned into my nightmare date. I told her I wasn't into the scene and she was cool with it, but I made sure to never go back to that diner again.

— David, 23

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