Don't Do It!

This is more of a life disaster instead of just a dating one. Laura and I both worked for the same place. We started going out and everyone said it was a bad idea to date a coworker, but I didn't listen. She was hot and really smart too. I really liked her. But, then we started to grow apart and it ended about seven months after it started. It was a really bad breakup as she thought I wanted her forever, which I never said or implied. I never got her any kind of ring and the one conversation we had about marriage I told her point blank that I wasn't interested. She was really mad though and made my life a living hell at work. She filed harassment charges against me with the company, spread rumors that weren't true, and would send out nasty emails about me. It got so bad; I had to find a different job. I still live in fear she'll come back one day at my new place and start all over again. When they say don't date a coworker, you need to listen!

— Luke, 29

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