Who hasn't had this experience? You meet a potential love interest and he or she is perfect. Just perfect. Well, except for those one or two little things that you'd love to modify a bit. Of course, that scenario works the other way, too. Maybe it's you that needs a few alternations. Makes us wonder:

How much should you be willing to change for a partner?

He Says:

Stock photo for article.I've had friends - both male and female - that are dating chameleons. Like when a guy friend meets a girl that's really into jazz and all of the sudden he's buying Coltrane albums and raving about it. I don't get it - it's like he's trying to fit himself in the mold of what the other person is looking for rather than find what he's looking for. It always ends badly - either the person you're dating realizes you're not who you pretended to be, or you end up resentful for making those changes. You're just better off being - and staying - yourself.

She Says:

Stock photo for article.I think we all change a little when we're with someone. Ideally, being in love with a great partner makes you want to be your best self - still you, but the improved version. Funnier, warmer, brighter. It can make you want to change - to be a better person, a better partner. It's good to be in love and have that encourage you to try new things, have new experiences, and find new layers of yourself through a partner. But that shouldn't ever mean you become someone you're not.

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