Foreplay...For What?

The sexes may both agree on what makes foreplay great, but when it comes to that prelude to passion, there seems to be a difference of opinion over its worth. So, we decided to ask once and for all:

What's the purpose of foreplay? Is it important or just a pitstop to sex?

He Says:

Stock photo for article.I think most guys recognize that foreplay is pretty much all for the ladies. 'Cause for guys, the idea of perfect foreplay would be putting a pillow down so her knees don't get sore and then turning on the Playstation. I'm kidding. But girls do require a little more than that. It's like a car - you can't expect it to start right up when it's cold out. Women, too, require not just a physical warm-up, but an emotional one. And like letting your car heat up on a January morning, we men are usually charged with the task of starting the engines.

She Says:

Stock photo for article.It's not our fault that men require so much less preparation. I'm sure they enjoy it - hey, who doesn't like a nice backrub or a little oral attention? - but I'm willing to bet that most of the time they see it has just an obstacle they need to get past to get to the main event. But that's a problem...the only thing worse than no foreplay is pity foreplay, or compulsory foreplay. So, to use that terrible car analogy, yeah, maybe warming up the car on a cold morning sucks, but it has to be done. And unlike the car, your girlfriend will care if you don't seem happy about doing it.

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