How do you say "It's Over?"

There's no good way to break someone's heart, but there are ways to make the situation a little less sticky. We asked He and She for their advice on the best way to make a break.

He Says: Take the coward's way out.

Stock photo for article.Women of the world, I am sorry. I have dumped you in the most inhumane of ways. I've done the "fade out" (that's when I just stopped calling and you wondered where your boyfriend went), I've sabotaged relationships just to get you to break up with me first (yeah, it's underhanded but it's easier), and I've even ended things through email. I know it's wrong. I know it's mean. I know you're complaining to your girlfriends even as I write this. But, since I can't stand to see you cry, I'll continue to do it.

She Says: Just do it.

Stock photo for article.Don't you people believe in karma? Or the golden rule? While it might be less stressful to break up with someone using slimy means, you'll feel better if you do it in a more grown-up way. Just do it up front, in person, and in as nice a way as possible. A simple explanation, like "this just isn't working for me anymore" will do. Trust me, you'll never regret behaving with class.

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