Going Public

We've all been with a mate who squirms away from you when you go in for the public smooch, or who drops your hand after just a few moments of holding. Or maybe you're the mate who ducks out of the kisses and handholding. Either way, it's always a little strange that we can be in such total agreement about our hot sex lives in private, but as soon as we walk out our front doors, we disagree over how much is too much in terms of public displays of affection.

So we asked He and She: How do you feel about Public Affection?

He Says:

Stock photo for article.I think most guys are a little self-conscious about the whole PDA thing. Maybe that's because, unlike you women, we've all had at least one humiliating experience where our, um, interest in a particular girl was all too public. We all have our own comfort level when it comes to how much of our private selves - the side of us we only show to the ones we love - we express in public. I wish more women respected that.

She Says:

Stock photo for article.Oh, please. Don't even pretend that you're going to get an embarrassing bulge in your jeans just by holding my hand! One of my very favorite things about being in love is that it makes you want to - to use a clichéd slogan - reach out and touch someone because you just can't help yourself. I love having my nose pecked. Being folded into someone's arms while we're waiting in line. Having a shoulder to rest my head on at the movies. We're not talking anything pornographic here. I think if you're uncomfortable expressing - or witnessing, for that matter-affection between two people genuinely in love, there's just something wrong with you.

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