Should SHE Pop the Question?

While most women still prefer dropping big hints to dropping the big question, there are increasing numbers of women getting down on bended knee and proposing to their fellas.

A 2004 Korbel Champagne Cellars Proposal Survey reported than 70 percent of us think it's socially acceptable for women to propose marriage. Fifty percent of women say they'd do it, and a whopping 80 percent of men say they'd say yes.

Two views on who should propose.

He Says:

Stock photo for article.I certainly wouldn't mind sharing the responsibility. And it's not as new an idea as you'd expect, either. In fact, there's a long tradition of women proposing on leap year day that dates all the way back to the 5th century in Ireland. The idea was that since leap year day existed to fix a problem in the calendar, it could also be used to fix an old and unjust custom that let only men propose marriage. Although according to English law at the time, anything that happened February 29 was ignored and had no legal status. The Scots had it right, though - they made it a law in 1288 that any man who declined a proposal in a Leap Year had to pay a fine.

She Says:

Stock photo for article.Call me a traditionalist, but I'm still going to wait for the guy to give me the ring. Little girls do not grow up thinking about how they'll pop the question to their Mr. Rights! If he's so passive and indecisive that he won't ask me, why would I want to spend the rest of my life with him? While I still want to be his equal in the bedroom and the boardroom, I'll always believe he should be the one asking for my hand in marriage.

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