He Said/She Said: Reunited and it feels so good?

Sometimes the great passions of your past refuse to stay where they belong... in your past. If a sexy ex wants to bring you back into their arms, should you sabotage your current love for the chance to reconnect? We ask He and She to weigh in.

He Says: Is it worth the effort?

Stock photo for article.There are a lot of factors that would play into this scenario. How serious is my current relationship? Are things solid or slipping away? Then there's the ex-factor - how was the break-up? Did we part with the understanding that we may be able to pick things back up again? Is there a chance she just wants me now because I'm with someone else? There's a lot of risk involved in jumping from one perfectly good relationship, to one that's already failed once. I'd have to feel pretty certain that this ex was fated to be my future, not just my past.

She Says: What are you so afraid of?

Stock photo for article.When you hit a rough patch in a relationship, it's really easy to start romanticizing your past loves. If one re-enters the picture, it may be tempting to try to turn back time. But I think in most cases, these actions are dictated by fear. Fear of getting closer to your current man, fear of getting hurt, fear of the future. It's a lot easier to go back to something old and familiar - even when you know it doesn't work. My advice is to be brave, and head into the future without looking back.

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