Settle Down!

According to research from Rutgers University's National Marriage Project, 88 percent of single Americans in their 20s agreed there was a "special person waiting for [them] out there somewhere." Nearly as many thought that they would find that person when they were ready to get married.

But what if you're ready to be in a relationship and The One is nowhere to be seen? Is it better to settle or to be alone?

He Says:

Stock photo for article. "Settle" is such a loaded word. I think you can give up the idea of this perfect soulmate and "settle" for someone you really love, really get along with, and can really see your life with. Sure, you'll have problems. Sure, you'll probably sometimes wish you were with somebody else. Sure, you might even break up someday. But I'd rather be in a good, if imperfect, relationship than be all alone holding out for a soulmate who might never show up.

She Says:

Stock photo for article.I'd rather keep my single status and keep looking for just the right fit. Relationships are hard enough without feeling ambivalent about your man. And you're only setting yourself-and him-up for future problems if you go into it knowing you're likely to drop him once something better comes along. Better to keep yourself single, keep your options open and wait for what you're really looking for. Will you ever really be satisfied otherwise?

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