Technology: Dating Dream or Disaster?

Sometime after the invitation and the initial date, you've done it. Typed your date's name into Google and snooped into whatever you found there. (And let's be honest, if you know anything about his or her family, friends, or exes, you probably checked them out, too).

Is what you find going to help or hurt your dating chances?

He Says:

Stock photo for article.I don't think it's dangerous, but it does kind of take a little of the thrill out of getting to know each other. Plus, you have to do that fake look of surprise when they tell you something you shouldn't have known, but stumbled upon on the web. And there is always the possibility that you'll find out something that prejudices you against your date before you really get to know them. So maybe it is best to get to know each other the old-fashioned way.

She Says:

Stock photo for article.Googling is just the modern way to checking out someone's story; it's no different than asking around to your friends and mutual acquaintances to figure out if they're an ax murderer or not. It makes me feel safer about seeing a completely stranger if I know where they work, where they're from, and whether they have a prison record.

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