Summer Lovin': Single or Attached?

It's summertime and everyone's temperature is on the rise. But does the season heat up faster for those single and making the most of long hot nights, or those happy couples cozied up on romantic getaways together?

Two views share their thoughts on summer loving. Are you better off unattached or part of a union?

He Says:

Stock photo for article.Single, man. Summer is meant for being single. There are too many girls, in too short skirts and too skimpy tops, to limit yourself to just one. The laid-back feeling and long summer nights lend themselves to sexy adventures with new lovers. Summer's less-serious vibe, plus all the seasonal travel and vacationing, create a perfect atmosphere for casual hookups and for trying out different experiences (and, yes, women) than your usual staid selections. Why would you want to give all that up to spend your whole summer with one woman who probably wants to drag you off to some yard sale or company picnic?

She Says:

Stock photo for article.Summer is for lovers. Passionate getaways. Long evenings over a shared bottle of wine on sidewalk cafes. Kissing under the stars at outdoor concerts. Cozy camping trips. Romantic weekend picnics, feeding each other lunch (or just feeding on each other!). You need a partner for all that stuff - even if he's only temporary. Plus you'll need a date for all those weddings you're invited to, and someone to be your partner in the stupid sack race at your company picnic.

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