Tell Me Lies

In the dangerous waters of the dating scene, who hasn't told at least one little white lie ("I love Thai food!"). And just as many of us have probably been on the receiving - if not the giving - end of a big whopper ("My wife and I are separated," or "We'll just cuddle"). We wondered:

Have you ever lied to get someone in bed?

He Says:

Stock photo for article.Any guy who tells you that he's never lied to get a girl in bed is, well, lying. Usually, the lie isn't so much an outright fib as much as it's a misrepresentation of our true feelings. Meaning we let you think we're more interested than we are, that we'll definitely call the next day, that we really, really want to see you again. We might not have to say anything that specific, we just don't correct your faulty assumptions that our going to bed together is really something special. Yeah, we're pigs like that.

She Says:

Stock photo for article.I think women are less likely to lie to seduce someone, but probably only because we just generally don't have to put as much effort into it than men do. If he really wants to sleep with me, he probably still will if tell him the truth - even if it means that I'm married, or have a kid, or have had over a hundred partners. So women may lie less, but it's not because we want to take the moral high ground - it's just because we don't have to.

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