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The Best Food to Eat for Better Sex

Your diet could be impairing your sex life. "Sexual problems aren't always because of your mate. It might be what's on your plate."

That may be a catchy sound bite from Dr. Robert Fried and Dr. Lynn Edlen-Nezin, who have penned "Great Food, Great Sex: The Three Food Factors for Sexual Fitness," but it's also a serious warning in our super-sized society where processed foods reign. If you want to have better sex, stop eating all those artery-clogging foods and oversized amounts of high-salt and high-sugar foods, reports The Associated Press.

"With giant portions of high-salt and high-sugar foods, Americans are having less sex and less interesting sex," Edlen-Nezin told AP. "Food and sex are there for the taking, and we should be enjoying both."

The question is: Are you enjoying either one?

"In this country we gorge on a huge meal, plunk ourselves on the couch, eat more stuff in front of the TV and then lumber off to bed," she says. "A pile of potatoes and a slab of meat, the American way, is not particularly appealing. It's like putting down food for the dog."

What should you eat for better sex? Generally, go for a diet that is rich in complex carbohydrates, antioxidants, fruits and vegetables.

The good doctors have three food groups:

  1. Greens and beans.
  2. The brights, which is Fried and Edlen-Nezin's word for fruits and vegetables that are deep in color.
  3. Staminators, or protein foods.

Fried and Edlen-Nezin say the science is simple. For the best possible sex, the sexual organs need ample blood flow. When you eat high-fat, high-cholesterol foods in super-sized portions, they clog your arteries--and in the process restrict blood flow to the sexual organs. Eat the right foods instead of the wrong foods and you'll recharge your sexual organs. And this goes for both men and women.

"The controlling mechanism for blood flow in to the sex organs is a gas molecule made in the body called nitric oxide. And it can only come from food," Fried told AP. "Viagra prolongs the action of nitric oxide. Without it, even Viagra won't work. And what Viagra does pharmacologically, our diet does naturally." Fruits and veggies boost nitric oxide production, while antioxidants help to clear clogged blood vessels so the blood can flow to the sexual organs.

It doesn't take a lifetime of bad eating habits to impact your sexual performance. Fried says it only takes one meal of high-cholesterol foods for it to have a noticeable and immediate negative impact. "Depending on how you intend to end the night, you should probably go easy on cholesterol-loaded foods," he quipped to AP. The same thing goes for high-fat foods that just sit in your tummy and take a long time to digest, while refined sugar makes you feel blah.

But here's an exercise plan, most folks will enjoy: "Our exercise plan is simple: Get off the couch and get into bed. We encourage people to put down the remote and start having sex again," Edlen-Nezin told AP. "If you haven't had an active sex life in awhile, go at it slowly. And, if the attention has been flagging, pay attention to your diet and see where it gets you."

--Cathryn Conroy

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