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How to Tell Who Is Sleeping Around

People who have one of two personality types are most likely to be sexually promiscuous.

People who enjoy having multiple sexual partners are almost always socially dominant, but tend to be either very friendly or quite antagonistic, reports of a study from Villanova University and Rutgers University. Friendly, extroverted people sleep around because they enjoy being with others, while antagonistic people are promiscuous to avoid a meaningful, monogamous relationship, as well as to avoid rejection or being treated poorly.

The study: Led by Patrick Markey, a psychologist at Villanova University, and his wife Charlotte Markey, a psychologist at Rutgers University, the team wanted to find out whether a person's level of interpersonal warmth, that is the way he or she interacts with others, would affect sexual actions. To find out, the Markeys asked 210 adults to take a test that measured their interpersonal characteristics. Each also revealed the number of people with whom he or she had specific sexual activities.

The results: While dominance is a key trait of people who have a lot of sexual partners, the people who are most promiscuous have either extremely warm or extremely cold personalities. Those who fall in between have the fewest sexual partners.

One of the more interesting findings is that warm people are promiscuous, since logically this would conflict with the moral thinking that promiscuity is wrong.  "It could be that someone's not doing it to achieve the most pleasure. Someone actually might be doing it as an expression of their warmth to other people," Patrick Markey explained to LiveScience. "A warm person might hug lots of people; a warm person might kiss lots of people. Well, maybe a warm person might sleep with lots of people."

The study findings were published in the Journal of Research in Personality.

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