Words are lifes most painful weapons
People make promises
Only to watch it turn to a bitter lie

"I'll love you forever."
This is said by a girlfriend or a wife
The next day she is caught with another man
Anger and sorrow combine
Blinding the sense of right and wrong
The hand that once clenched her hand in love
Turns into a fist of fury
A devastating blow is dealt to her new lover
She stops the next blow by jumping in between
"Stop it! I love him! Leave him alone!"
Her love that was supposed to last forever

"We will be back real soon."
Parents tell thier children this all the time
The children wait impatiently for their return
Impatience turns to sorrow
The phone rings in the early hours of the morning
The babysitter breaks out into tears
The children join in shortly
Those words should not be used for granted
The next time the children saw their parents
was at the funeral
For the car crash killed their parents

"Don't worry I got your back."
Friends say this plenty times
When things get too tough to handle alone
Confidence is felt in the heart and mind
Then a friend's character is defined
He walks away leaving you alone
Your friend has told you
A lie

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me."
Possibly the biggest lie to date
How can this be said
When those words changes lives
So negatively

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