Dig Myself Free

My name is Kyle.
I’m 17 years old.
I’m the regular every day teenage boy.
Living one day at a time.

Through a year’s past.
I have dug myself quite a hole.
Struggling to free myself.
And still working on it.

I’ve messed up more than once in my life.
But I can change things.
I can become the person I was again.
Changing a life takes a long time.

Theft and drugs have taken me down.
But in the long run.
I beat them.
Their charms have no more effect on me.

I’ve experienced life behind bars.
Knowing how it’s like.
To have everything stripped away from you.
But I stayed strong and plowed my way through it.

The only thing that’s keeping me alive.
Are the ones who care about me the most.
The certain people who would do anything for me.
Just to see me successful.

I do have dreams.
Just like everyone else.
Sooner or later they will come to me.
And I will live them out.

Mom and Dad.
Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, and Nephews.

I will be back soon.
Back to the person I was.
Before evil struck me.
I will be the Kyle everyone knows by heart.

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