Not From Your World

I will never belong in Your World.
No matter how hard I try.
In high school, boys like you
looked right through me.
As if I was invisible.

Now..those boys have turned into men.
You drive your fancy SUV's right by me.
As I walk down the sidewalk.
To catch the bus.

You sit at your desks in air-conditioned offices.
Pushing those computer buttons.
Making that six-figure income.
While I work in the deli,
dishing out your lunch.

I hooked up with you.
To see what it was like.
Curiousity to see how the
Other Half lived life.

I discovered it was a lonely World.
Even more lonelier than Mine.
Every day, wearing that Mask.
To keep up that Image.
Working and performing.
To keep up with The Standards.

I know I would never survive in Your World.
I would never make it.
But I am not envious of it.
I may struggle..but you struggle more.

You won't be seen with me in public or
around your colleagues.
But when I have a day off
and you can take a long lunch break,
You come to me.
Hoping and praying that I can make it
all better again.

To make the World not seem like
such a big place.
Not such a dog-eat dog competition.
To bring the peace back.

But I can't.
Because I'm not from Your World.

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