How can u want to make love to me without an Apology

How could U forget the mean words that we had exchanged,and this just happen yesterday.How can u turn your mood on and off so easily. When the things that We said still Haunts me. And yet U still want to use me, by satisfying your needs with my body.Do U feel any shame in this event. Being so hateful,cold and distant. And now U want to be initiate. Without any I'm sorry,Please forgive for the things that I have said. It seem that what was once LOVE is replace with meaningless SEX. Making me think of my life with U as such a regret. Cause what we said to each other yesterday was a TRAGEDY. For people who suppose to love each otherso long and so deeply. But by far U wanting to make SO CALL LOVE to me with not even a Apology,was the biggest disappointment to Me.Cause it took your words and sealed them with a kiss.And your message was loud and clear,that U have no RESPECT for ME and U REALLY DON"T CARE for me.

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