suicide its not for everyone

Suicide the final option

I’m going to kill myself! Iv had enough, what about your family, its alright they can have my stuff. Your selfish leaving the people who love you dear, I don’t see them in my time of need do you see them here. The next time they see you it will be in a Hurst, you remind them they left me first . So Your taking the easy way out again, I would have taken it sooner but I was scared of the pain. You’ve tried to kill yourself before but you just a young lad, I would have told you sooner though I don’t like to brag. I get so sad life has taken its toll, I don’t care about heaven or hell just give me a new sole. It seems god let everyone else’s soul lose and held me back and handed me a noose. For god to take away my will to live I cannot understand and shall never forgive. I stand at the edge of Dover cliffs I look back at my life and realise what iv missed. Why am I doing this its not for attention, is there a purpose for me will there be divine intervention. This is the fourth time iv tired now I beg and I cry I’m going to do it, but still no reply. And like a slap from above I realised there is nothing else just the people around you and the ones you love.

Shaz you’re my reason, I owe you everything baby xTAZx

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