No Sex

I wish there was no sex. That there were no men, no women, but human beings.

I truly wish there was no sex, no romance, no lust, kisses, smooches. That pains from them, loneliness and hurts wouldn't be.

No child would've been exposed to danger if no sex existed. I wish I could just say hi to a human person without any intention for lust, emotional attachment, no longing for souls that they, I be taken advantage of.

By so doing, life would've been full, beautiful! Yes, it would've been wonderful without emotion, without sex-the many souls gone would've been here.

I wish there was no thought for a male, female relationship. I wish it were so; no sex, no violence, heartbreaks, no death....No drama.

When I truly need someone to talk to, a soul to touch, someone to hold, caress and kiss no one is there. When I need love; and desire to talk sex and get some spicy, juicy, crunchy and lively sex everyone is in someone else arms. She is snoring or break-dancing in someone's bed, speaking in tongues, telling him the same thing she told me, "I love you baby. Get it, hit it, right there, it's all yours!"

I wish, I truly wish there was no sex. That I could only see a human being to respect, honor, share dreams with and celebrate. Yes, someone I could care for, motivate and inspire to complete my humanity.

Oh, Lord, why make sex that lost souls never come back for fear of being hurt? I wish there was no sex, I wish.

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