10/27/2009 11:51:36 PM

feelings of emptiness.

lifeless no feeling no worried. Just plain emptiness... looking back and see that nothing was real, nothing lasted, nothing is here with me, nothing follow me, here I am empty with no value thoughts, nothing to think off that brings the fire of life in my soul. The light strikes white, clear, lifeless no power at all, no feelings, no desires, no needs, just a clear light that see's everything but needs nothing to feed itself.

The light that is so full yet so empty, the light with no needs, yet so cold. the light with no feelings, yet expecting something more.

Here I am, empty lifeless, thinking of what, who, were, when, thinking that the road has taking me no were. Thinking that there are many roads that will guide me somewhere with no ends. Just keep going nowhere, just keep walking the light until it fades.

What it is to be right but to be alone. What it is to be wrong but to be full. What it is to be, but not to be, what if nothing is but nothing will became what it is.

Where is the fired, where life went,,, someone see it going by?, did someone say goodbye I do not see the light and the road is wide, I do not see the fired and the road is warm, I do not feel the wrong or the right but no one is here to delight. Emptiness, is all I got, is all I had left, after so much force to get out of the nest.

With no maps or roads to guide me I end up lost, even dough I did what I had to do, I never fulfill what I needed to fill. They came and they went now what, just wait for the light to fade on its own, just wait until the road gives no more. Just carried the emptiness a while long and the peace will fill the void that life was a dream and no more.

I was here, but no marks are left behind , I did but no one see what I had done. I give but no one received and grab tide, so what I had done, nothing but go by and fade with the clear light so transparent that no one will see or feel since is empty forever, and left no sign's or memories to go back in time.

That is all I got, so much emptiness in life, so much nothing, so I am going slowly to the light that will guide me to the sky were emptiness is fill by clear souls like mine. Where is nothing to do but to help the moon light go true the sky to illuminate the couples that found the road to leave fruits behind. Who will feed the world and make it going smooth until there is no more room for fired souls that end up empty like mine.

Oh emptiness is what I got, Oh soul lets go, do not waist more time, lets help the moon to shine to the couples who find life. What are you waiting for? Emptiness no more lets be who we are destined to be, in the middle of the sky were you light up with the help of the moon shine. Emptiness is no more but a light high in the sky with the shape of a star.

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