Predators of the night

Predators of the night
With a savagely sweet bite
They are pouring crimson regret
Which brings deliverance
I think I'm dying
I'm bleeding
I'm screaming
I know what to expect
But the pain is horrific
Predators of the night
I tried to kill the pain
But it only led to more
So much more
My wound cries for the grave
My throat screams for blood
My soul...ceases to exist
And yet i still think of you
Will I remember you?
Will you be on the other side?
Or will I forget you,
Along with that dreadful life?
Predators of the night
I wonder how I'll feel
When I awake from this...
This Dark Sleep
I still remember the sun
Always warm on my skin
It seems uninviting now
Where has my heart gone?
Though a fair trade
For this new world
The real world
Predators of the night
I'm awake now
And I thirst
Oh...How I thirst
I can smell the tangy sweetness
Of the crimson life's essence
How I crave for it on my tongue
And slowly my thoughts
Are clouded by the need
When I have the delicious liquid's
Burning sweetness down my throat
I have the full effects
Of what I now am
Predators of the night
This feeling is overwhelming
The power
The strength
The beauty
And now I see the world
For what it really is
From the small and few truths
To the large and
Almost consuming web of lies
Of everything that ever existed
Of everything that will
If only mortals could see it
Predators of the night
This power in incredible
This freedom is fantastic
My choice of becoming this
Was right
My suicide
My tourniquet
My salvation

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