The choices I made leave me sad and lonely
Cursed by the mad loving trying to figure out
Who I wanted to be not really knowing,
Na’Nve and glowing, just wanted to be loved,
Ended up with the poison from the wrong
I had done without anyone to call my own.
You reap what you sow I know,
Keep rubbing my nose in the s***,
I know I deserve it but sometimes
I just wish someone would sympathize
Even if its all lies in my eyes,
I cant change the clock back to revise
The wrong doing I have done
So now I pray please please somebody help me
Save myself from me,
I am going to take a flying leap.
The world is looking so f*** bleak
Please somebody hear me cry,
I need a friend tonight before I take this 45
And blow my brains out the other side.

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