Leave Me In The Dark

What would you say
If I told you there's no way
I could ever stop loving you?
I still dream about hugging you
I think all the time about kissing you
I find myself lost when I'm missing you
Tell me what to do

Do you believe me
When I say I'll love you eternally?
When I tell you I'll die if you leave?
That I'm giving you all I can give?
It's you I want to spend my time with
I've found a new reason to live
Gone are the days of 'what if'

Will you stay with me
When everything crumbles around me?
Would you still be happy you found me?
Could we rebuild everything soundly?
and does it worry you to have to think
That one day this ship may sink?
It could happen as fast as you blink
Would you run away, far from the stink?

Is it really love that you feel?
Do you honestly know that i'm real?
When I'm telling you straight from the heart
I knew I'd fall, right from the start.
If you felt one day we had to part
Would you tell me as you held me close
Or would you leave me in the dark???

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