Don’t Interpret my words and,
Don’t change the meaning and,
Take my poetry simple and take it straight,
First let me tell you the meaning of SILLY,
SILLY means Foolish or Idiotic in English,
But first let me finish your SILLY concepts about Men and Women,
Majority of the Men don’t check Women complexion for Pleasure,
Men nature is to like Women who are Appealing and,
Men nature is to like Women who they found Attractive,
Now misconduct peoples do SILLY MISTAKE on purpose so,
Law should prosecute those midgets’ peoples,
Staying away from Silly Peoples is not SILLY MISTAKE because,
Silly Peoples can be the reason for the serious trouble,
But for one thing Silly Peoples are useful for sure and,
I will give and example for this within my poetry,
Let say one Silly Person made mistake among and,
In the Corrupted Corporation and Environment and because,
Of that Silly Person Mistake the Corrupted Peoples can be busted,

But at least by SILLY MISTAKE the Silly Person can,
Perform and fulfill his civil responsibility so now,
It is the responsibility of that Corporation and,
The Environment to take necessary action possible because,
Of the Silly Person beautiful mistake Corporation and,
Environment is aware of the problem and,
The problem is totally in their knowledge,
See a SILLY MISTAKE can do Human Service as well,
On the contrary there is another issue of SILLY MISTAKES and,
I will again give another example for that within my poetry,
Let say because of a person SILLY MISTAKE some Peoples or,
Many peoples are making a big deal out of it so,
As we know nobody in this World is Innocent and,
So the Peoples or Many Peoples who struggling to be Innocent so,
Those Peoples or Many Peoples needs to be Investigated and,
Investigated and Interrogated for the bad stuff you know what I mean,
Because a Person makes a SILLY MISTAKE makes sense but,
Peoples or Many Peoples making the big deal out of the Silly Person and,
Silly Person Mistake gives signs for there is something going on? And,
Give questions like what these Peoples or Many Peoples had and,
Done that they are covering themselves from this Silly Person Mistake,
By pretending to be Innocent so Many Peoples,
Finally as a Poet Baseer Ahmed wants to teach you a lesson as well,
The lesson is to Forgive, Forget, do "PEACEFUL COMPROMISE" and,
Let go of the Somebody SILLY MISTAKE because,
Making big deal out of the Person SILLY MISTAKE will make,
Everybody doubt and several doubts about different topics but,
Accept "I AM SORRY" if Silly Person say it to you but,
Still give Apology if Silly Person didn’t apologize to you,
That is it! Forgive and Forget the "SILLY MISTAKE."

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