How Could This Happen To Us

You had my heart in your hands,
I loved that I could call you my man.
Everything was all good,
until something happened that I never thought would.
My heart just shattered,
because you were all that mattered.
You said just friends was the way to go,
but I couldn't help it I let those tears flow.
Everyday just brought more pain,
even when it's sunny outside I can only see rain.
Morning and night my thoughts are dedicated to you,
and even though you tore us apart my feelings for you still grew.
On top of all that you still liked your ex,
I'm so hurt I don't know where to turn to next.
This pain is way to intense,
and we both know that between us you are just building a fence.
It's time for me to move on,
because one day all those sweet loving feelings will finally be gone.

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