Flight of the Laughing Gull

There the precocious bird sits
upon a rock,
maybe caught in a trap
of my own mind
of my own creatiion,
in shattered chips,
to be pondered,
this evolutionary mishap
with a fish in it's
Then you tear it apart in rendering strips
laughing from within and without....

You insane thing,,,,,
Where is your home?
The ansewer doesn't come easily,
for solutions and situations
require intuition,
probable, and floating in clouds
of convolutions within a blue abyss,
swirling all about.

It makes no difference,
the grip of fact,
may ease or tighten,
with suspicion or wisdom to act,
and brighten, leading the way,
in some confidence.

When enlightenment's halo appears, it's a gift,
crushing the problem in it's grip of steel,
shearing the result for all
to feel.

I needed to lay my hands
upon a crystal ball,
to see where you have travelled,
but the image there revealed,
the entire planet in such awe,
so I bowled it against the sea wall
and it smashed in glittering blue shards
shining and ignoring my scope of prediction,
hoping to rise upon my angry and ignorant
canards in thinking about trying
your escape.

But you see, I cannot even leave the ground,
and fly over the unpredictable sea,
rolling its misty blue face.
I must stop and remember that
It's been written in the sand,
while the winds of tomorrow ship and
lace about the dunes to grandstand,
That we know nothing ,nor the difference
between truth and lie,
and to be like the fish who
over produce and die.

When it is time to make a
choice, try to save time
and grace,
careful to avoid cutting ones feet
upon shores riddled with glass
and in agony to fight for escape
of our own self-made politics.

Still sitting upon that rock,
splattered white from
it's species disgrace,
now responding to a migratory clock
that launches you into a
new time and space.....

Where ever you go
in gliding wheels
around the world and back,
one thing I do know,
you will always return to this rock
squealing and laughing at me,
while I sit here,
watching you,
watching me,
and the sea.

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