Plea To Mankind

To the people of the world,
These things we share:
The need to be needed,
The need to care.

We need to be respected
For individual merit.
We have love to give;
We need to share it.

We hope for health and peace,
For our children to learn
That Earth is a place to build,
And not a place to burn

We need to rid ourselves
Of lust for power, and greed;
To find cooperation and trustAs our paramount needs.

Wherever there are men with
Contempt for love and trust
Who find the tools and deeds
For reducing life to dust,

We've got to make them think;
To examine their priorities;
They must understand that
They are ill-fitting minorities.

This haunting truth we know:
A way must be found
To live and let live ...
To find a common ground.

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