I'm Freedom

It wasn't negotiable; not negotiated with any government nor individuals, not with corporations.

From birth, before the conceptual instinct, I was free because
I'm freedom, yes I'm free, freedom is you, freedom is us!

Though caged everyday that I may not speak the truth to power
I'm free, shall stay free; the cameras everywhere including the malls can't stop my freedom.

I'm freedom, I'm free. Freedom is you, freedom is us, freedom is everyone, freedom is love!

My decision to be free was born out of the freedom that is nature; freedom is beautiful, freedom is wonderful, freedom is love!

So spit it, spit it, hit it...sing it; sing it, chant it, clap and dance it four steps.

Oh yeeeeeeah, oh yeeeessssss, oh yeeeeeeeah, oh, yeeeeeeessss, oh yaaaaah! I'm freedom, 'cause I'm freedom. I'm free 'cause I'm freedom, freedom is you, freedom is us. So stand for freedom, stand for justice, stand for your rights and sing for this peace, peace of the world and shame oppression!

Though caged everywhere I go that I may not speak the truth to power. Not the caging, censoring ,compelling strands that I abridge my speech. That I may criticize constructively, yet they haven't proven the truth can be constructed, but told as is, being its own protector.

I'm freedom. Security forces, secret service men and women with secret tapes or recording my voice and hidden cameras, smart guns, WMD following me everywhere. Can they stop this freedom? Noooooo, freedom is free, freedom is love-they can't stop the hand of time!

The corrupt, violent, terroristic powers: corporate pranksters-gangsters, governments which runs the global show of exploitation have promised my victimization like they did others who spoke out fearlessly and lol.

They claim I've large mouth, which they alone can cut-short... I'm free and shall remain free on my death despite their angst.

Governments, individuals who make immoral laws that restricts liberties, freedoms, those who seek to cage us and seek my head are all free; they and family members love freedom so can't stop mine; can't stop ours.

I'm freedom, I'm free and free indeed;freedom is you, freedom is us! Every human-made law, which inhibit the freedom of fellow human. I resist and denounce all.

Every thought, laws or decrees that favors war against the weak, disadvantaged poor. I curse your very beginning and the hands behind you.

Every occupier of hitherto free land, free water, free territory; every oppressor, I curse you for rethink: free the oppressed and be free or see fire as you live!

That law, which wants me in jail for my thought, that which adjudged me guilty in my innocence. I'm freedom, thus demand that all the oppressed be free; demand that oppressors give up their captives and try one minute to be in their shoes.

All human thoughts, laws, actions that subjects another human to slavery, exploitation, hardship and suffering or infects same with viruses, diseases; those which confine human to inequality, poverty and death.

By my moral obligation, I denounce and disobey you that the oppressed shall do the same. I denounce, rebuke and reject such thoughts, plans, which put the environment to danger and cares not about environmental protection, safety.

I curse the beginning of your existence; I curse the hands behind you.

Any group, government or corporation, which practices environmental racism and other forms of racism, discrimination is denounced and rebuked. Corporations, governments keeping global inhabitants and owners of production land on which they milk cheap money unsafe and oppressed, I rebuke, denounce and reject you.

I'm free 'cause I'm freedom. I'm freedom 'cause I'm free like I was and shall stay free unto demise.

I'm free 'cause my freedom depends on no one, nor can a human judge who said I'm guilty change the hands of the freedom I'm.

I'm free when freedom is stolen; when put to jail my mental, spiritual, soul, aspects of my being stays free, even unto demise.

I'm conscious, I'm free 'cause I'm freedom. Freedom is you, freedom is us; freedom is everyone, freedom is beautiful, freedom is love...sing, clap and dance. Oh yeeah, oh yeeees, freedom is wonderful,freedom is love!

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