This here is my Manifesto;
I'm tired of takin' Granma on the bus,
to the Goodwill Store,
and the Welfare who never says
thank you for my job.
An' on to Special Ed. that tells me
that I have to come back to shcool,
even tho' they still get paid, (like I
was still there!)

I told them that my head hurts when
I try to think!!....
I never get away with anything!
It's because I am so down plodden an'

Sometimes I think I got a rumour in my
head. An' I know that I got vagina but
granma says they aint' no heart trouble
in our family.

Granma says ,"It's because you won't
take responsibility for your actions."
I don't even know what that means.
Talk English old woman! Not all that
Ebonics stuff!

All Granma ever did was raise me and
my sisters two kids an' the government
gave her a house and paid her to do it!

But now I got a real family. An' it's a
church family. We are all the same age
and we call ourselves "brothers."
An' we are all in this "Temple of Love."

We learning how to hate the "Evil Ones,"
that keeps us down. We wear black hoods an' today all our hoods are up, because a brother
was done wrong , or somethin'.

Sometimes I feel I am sinking , deep inside
and my hood has become the foreskin of the

But the preacher says that we are all
in his loving crotch of "What's to come
up from down low!"

So you had all better run,
because the devil is taking
his pants down in the streets
tonight, an' the moon is coming
up early.

"You Crazy!..Appanoki ! An I'm
tellin' Granma that you been goin
to this witches place !'

Tomeeka! if you don't tell Granma I'll
take you to a street dnce tonight !

he was enthroned upon a pink cloud of credit cards , surrounded by a golden Peach tree orchard that rained it's ripened fruit upon the world day and night and at a fraction of the cost.... Captain America parked his shopping cart , and exclaimed, "Oh great Empress of all commmodities, your childrens fingers are bleeding ." Her silver capped smile shimmered even unto her glossy black hair like a halo of past economic saviors and stated "Oh the fond memories ,my captain, when the land of the free was as young as your children in the work houses!" Captain America winced and replied, " I don't remember that!"......... l

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