Neighborhood Ninja

I think Larry is crazy!
He thinks Hollywood is
gonna' make him a star, thats
why he's savin' his pennies
in a jar.

Yesterday he was out in
the front yard,
swingin' them "Dumb Chucks,"
all around his dumb head,
you better be careful, I said !

His Momma came out on the
front porch and yelled," Oh come
quick, Larry's doin' his sticks !
"Larrys real purty' when he does
his sticks !"

Just then one of the chucks
hit him in the head, and
he fell down moaning in pain,
and It was all such a pitiful shame!

His Momma screamed in horror
when she saw the blood squirting
from his ear...and she ran to him
and cradled his head in her arms,
and said , "He ain't' got it down pat
yet !
Then she whispered into his bloody ear,
"But Larrys purty'
when he does his sticks."

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